Outdoor Grit in 100 Words...

Outdoor Grit is an evidence-based, 100% inclusive functional fitness program run by real people, for real people. Our tribe is passionate about health and fitness and helping those who are like-minded, to become better versions of themselves.

Our programs are short, constantly varied and executed at an intensity level that is scaled to meet every person’s limitations and goals. We value the journey and celebrate character and progress.

Our core principles of community, courage and commitment form the foundation for our success and for a long and fulfilling life of uncapped potential, free from dependence on people and physical aids.

Grit in Action

The Breakdown

Our fitness method is based on proven principles that give you authentic, lasting results.

Evidence Based Outcomes

Record and track your fitness using measurable workouts and your Zen Planner app.

Broad Physical Development

Increase your capacity across 10 physical skills that are necessary to be great at everyday life.

Fitting Your Lifestyle

Mix it up between short 40 min group-based sessions in the outdoors as well as at-home workouts that can be done anytime you like and without any equipment.

Constant Varied Workouts

Complete a different workout everyday so your body learns to adapt quickly to various physical demands.

Functional Fitness

Perform movements that have a transferable purpose to the demands of everyday life.

Inclusive, Community Focussed

Workouts are scaled to where you’re at and at an intensity level that is right for you.