We believe women are the heart and soul of the home and the key to a happy and well-functioning family environment.

As the demands of being a mother, wife, daughter, carer, sister and trusted friend continue to rise, we continue to experience challenges in prioritising our own needs, including our physical fitness, mental health and self-worth.

Our BarBellas group is designed around the needs and day-to-day realities of our valuable women. We aim to build a community of powerful, strong and inspiring women, who lead their families in the way of health and vitality.

Each group session is structured to ensure you get fit, strong, build great relationships with other like-minded women and develop the skills you need to tackle the world head-on.

Our coaches understand your needs to feel valued, empowered and strong. We are trained in Pre and Post Natal exercise and use our knowledge to build programs that will get you back to your pre-baby body as quickly and safely as possible.

BarBellas sessions are held at St. Helen’s Park in Prospect straight after school drop-off times, starting at 9.15am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We post the WODs to you using your customised Zen Planner app the night before so you can get yourself ready for what’s in store the next day. Once you complete each session, you can post your results to compete against girlfriends in your tribe and watch your stats improve as you achieve new levels in your health and fitness.