To Mel and Back Pt. 13 – The Fitness Journey of One Adelaide Mum

The benefits of functional fitness

February 17th, 2020

I’ve had a few ‘light bulb’ moments recently, where it’s dawned on me that my outdoor fitness training is making a huge difference to my strength and endurance.  One was when trying to find the source of an ant issue in my boys’ bedroom (two boys – I was dreading to think what it would be).  I decided to try and move their quite cumbersome bunk bed away from the wall so I could deal with all the crap that had fallen down the sides.  There is NO WAY I could’ve done that on my own previously, but I moved it like a boss! (By the way – it was a squished marshmallow in the carpet, and about a thousand cracker crumbs).

I flipped a big tyre filled with sandbags at training SEVERAL times (just for fun, you know…)  I held a plank three times for a minute each and felt strong doing it – and I’ve NEVER been able to hold planks for long!  And hey, guess what squats are good for? (LOL – Happy Valentine’s Day!!).

I’m not telling you all this to have a brag session.  I’m telling you this because earlier in my fitness journey, I told my trainer that I’ve never been great with strength training, and I’m just not one of those people.  Hey, I’m not at the level at some of the absolute machines I work out with.  But that is their journey, and this is mine.  My training attendance may not be consistent, but by golly it’s making a difference!  And in addition to all of this, it’s just so damn great to get outdoors, and be around some fantastic, like-minded people.

It’s useful when setting fitness goals in the beginning to come back and revisit them; evaluate, measure, amend if needed.  And celebrate the wins!  Sometimes looking back to see how far you’ve come can be the thing that propels you on.

Speaking of amending goals, for those who might be wondering how the marathon training is going – I’ve had some news that has put a real spanner in the works.  I need to have surgery, and it’s looking like it will be in the next three months.  This means four weeks of recovery, definitely no running.  I’m disappointed – the stars had really aligned for this one (42kms, 42nd birthday, 42nd Adelaide Marathon).  But it wasn’t to be.  There’ll be other marathons.  I need to let the main thing be the main thing.  There are many out there dealing with much bigger health challenges than this.

In the meantime – I get the privilege of continuing to get stronger with an awesome tribe, having more energy to keep up with my three munchkins, and setting some new goals post-surgery.

– Mel